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1. If you need a Home Improvement Contractor or Service Professional, choose Find a Contractor on the right bar, enter your needs, and we'll quickly match you with qualified, licensed verified home improvement contractors or general contractors. We'll meet you at our location or yours to discuss your project and understand your needs for your project, If you haven't registered to receive your Gift Card, then Register today!. Don't forget to print your Gift Card to receive your discount while getting a quote.

2. If we already have a qualified home improvement contractor working in your neighborhood on a similiar project; and you choose that contractor to do your work, you will receive even deeper discounts. We call this bundling for savings and just like you see on TV, we pass the savings onto you! Join an existing active project in your area today!

3. If you wish to receive multiple quotes for a remodel or other project then, we will give you 3 qualified companies to provide free quotes. You can interview as many contractors as you need until you find the right contractor for you. You'll receive a discount just for being our member even if we don't bundle it. Register today! and get an additional $50 off your project.

Most homeowners usually ask their friends and neighbors for a referral when they are in need of a qualified home improvement professional. At we recognize this need and work with many local professionals, large and small companies to help you find the right professional for the job. Our network of professionals is extensive and covers just about any home improvement project you can think of, from small service calls to large projects such as additions or full remodels.

Our current projects include painting contractors working in Maryland and Northern Virginia, local and residential electrical contractors, bathroom remodel contractors, kitchen remodel companies, Maryland roofing contractors, roofing contractors in Northern Virginia, basement remodel contractors, plumbing heating contractors, house siding contractors, local flooring contractors, general contractors in Maryland and Virginia and much much more...
Our service area includes all of the DC metro region, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore and surrounding areas.

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  • By bundling your project together with other projects our contractors are working on nearby, we can save you more money.
  • Enter specific project details to be correctly matched with a quality professional or specialist while they are working in your area.
  • Enter all types of projects. From deck replacements to patios to tree trimming to home additions and more.
  • Let us know about a neighbor, friend, family member who is interested in posting a project. You'll receive a gift card for $50 off your next project. The more who join in, the better the savings.
  • Only a few projects are needed in a group to get a great deal and you are not obligated to go with the same contractor. But you will get a better deal if you do!
  • You don't need to join another project. You can use our network for your own job.
  • Act fast! Discounts from our contractors are available for a limited time while working in your neighborhood.
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