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ServiceAGroup.com, North Potomac, MD - Bringing Friends and neigbors and communities together
We are passionate about helping homeowners save money on their home improvement projects
and improving local community lifestyles across our great country.

Who We Are and What We're About

Home improvement projects are expensive! The simplest project can be costly, but sometimes you have no choice and spending that money hurts! Many homeowners have dreams of remodeling their homes, but the cost and whole ordeal may be overwhelming and out of their price range. I'm a homeowner and I struggle to afford just the maintenance along with other expenses.

For these main reasons and more, we've built http://ServiceAGroup.com to help homeowners afford expensive home improvements and improve community lifestyles. Now, homeowners in the same zip code and even neighborhoods can group their project together with similar projects to save an unbeatable amount of money from a verified and trusted professional. Contractors are offering amazing discounts because they're completing many jobs in one location. The savings are passed to the customer on projects such as gutter cleaning, power washing, driveways, landscaping, building new decks and fences, bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, flooring, home additions, etc.. etc...

It's fast, FREE and easy and it can work for any home improvement project.

How It Works for Homeowners
1. Search for projects in their community or zip code.
2. Select an existing similiar project to group together and save money OR add a new project for others to join.
3. Unbeatable savings are included in every estimate from reliable, local and top quality pros.

Once a project is added, one of our project managers will match it with our verified contractors and help schedule an estimate. We'll group similar projects together with others for additional savings. A ServiceAGroup.com discount will be offered for members even if we don't group their project together with others.

Contractors Love It Too
They complete many jobs all at once in the same location which saves them time, material, fuel costs, labor expenses, advertising costs and increases their exposure to many homeowners.

When you add your project and work with one of our great contractors, we can both help more homeowners and entire communities, nation wide, improve their home values and lifestyles. We can help improve the economy by creating jobs in the home improvement and home construction industries. We can help improve the housing market by increasing home values. We can help neighbors to start talking to each other again like it was where I grew up. Neighbors can share design ideas when doing similar projects. They can save even more money by purchasing bulk material together and maybe make new friends along the way, the real way. We can help the environment by promoting green building products, reusing material and reducing fuel consumption. The possibilities are endless and with your help, we can make it happen!

In addition, we want to help Habitat For Humanity increase donations to build homes for deserving people. In the Spring, we will sponsor and coordinate home shows and home improvement forums inside their ReStore facilities. All proceeds will be donated to Habitat For Humanity and we need you to use our service to help make this plan a success.

We have already helped homeowners save money in many MD, VA and DC communities. Homeowners have grouped their projects together and saved an average of $2500 on bathroom remodels, $3000 on window replacements, $1200 on landscaping and it doesn't stop there. We have helped to increase home improvement professional jobs and companies bottom line. Our verified contractors are hiring more workers to handle all the work. Please add your project today. Only working together can make these great things happen.

Add A Project Today! There's no risk, only reward. Try us out! Build community relationships! Throw a party with your neighbors to show off your new home improvement!

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