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    Recent Bathroom Remodeling Testimonial: "I called ServiceAGroup.com for local bathroom remodeling contractors in Rockville MD. I talked to Steve who helped us decide which type of bathroom contractor we needed. We asked for 2 contractors who were wonderful. We felt we could trust them and hired one working nearby to save us money. I definitley would reccommend SAG. The fact that they are located in Gaithersburg MD was a huge plus."
    Penny B.- Rockville MD  

    Recent Windows, Roofing and Doors Testimonial: "We needed a Roofing, Windows and Door contractor to get our house ready to sell in Silver Spring MD. The reps at ServiceAGroup.com met and talked with us about our immediate needs. We wanted 3 Roofing and Windows quotes and each contractor referred to us was great. They were very responsive and took care of our house just the way we wanted. The best part is that it was free to use their services."
    Rick M. - Silver Spring MD  

    Recent Kitchen Remodeling Testimonial: "We hired a ServiceAGroup.com kitchen remodeling contractor for our kitchen and bath remodel. The GC's plumbers, electricians, flooring, cabinet, countertop suppliers, painters and sub contractors did excellent work. We hired a contractor working nearby and saved a ton. I highly reccommend SAG for their personal service."
    Tammy D.- Gaithersburg MD  

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